Has, using every means possible, from the hand-held paintbrush to the electronic variety, created over five hundred posters for films.
From “New York, New York” to “Nine1/2 weeks”, from “Little Devil” to “Mediterraneo”, from “Johnny Stecchino” to “Il Postino”.
His creations have helped promote the works of the greatest internationally renowned directors: Argento, Avati, Benigni, Bertolucci, De Palma, Fassbinder, Godard, Herzog, Lelouch, Lyne, Monicelli, Rohmer, Salvatores, Scola, Scorsese, Rosi, Sordi, Taviani, Tornatore, Troisi, Von Trotta and Wenders.
His work has been displayed at various exhibitions amongst which his personal ones: “Il manifesto cinematografico” (The film poster), Rome; “Il cinema al muro” (Cinema to the wall), Genoa; “La pubblicità cinematografica” (cinematographic publicity), Mogadishu.
Teacher of Graphic Design at the European Institute of Design and Rome’s Pantheon Institute.
Has held seminars on the subject of expression, amongst which include “Tele-confronto”, Chianciano and “Film Video-makers”, Prato.
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